Gungor - Beautiful Things (CD)

Gungor's second release on the Brash label is a departure that shows exceptional growth for the worship team. The group employs the same passion that became the life of Ancient Skies, but comparisons to their national debut reveal a more authentic and versatile approach. Gungor sound like anything but corporate worship. On the first four tracks alone, the album travels from pensive acoustic praise ("Dry Bones" and the title track) to toe-tapping congregational rock ("Brighter Day") all the way to a funky urban groove ("Heaven") with guest vocalist Israel Houghton leading the jam. At first listen, Gungor's eclectic approach seems to keep the album from having a cohesive flow, but repeated listens eventual yield an underlying theme both musically and lyrically that gives it unexpected depth. With the group's natural passion, it's easy for listeners to relish in the heart of each song, making Beautiful Things a worthwhile worship experience.

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